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Vision of Chronicles of Code

At Chronicles of Code, our vision is to inspire and empower the next generation of young innovators by making the world of AI & coding accessible, engaging, and fun. We are committed to providing a supportive and creative learning environment where children aged 8-12 can unlock their full potential through hands-on, interactive experiences.

Coding Program



Our Learning Levels

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Coding Program


Computer Skills

for children between 5 to 8

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ChatGPT AI Program

for children between 8 to 12

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Generative AI for ​Beginners

for children between 8 to 13​

Our interactive lessons introduce foundational coding concepts using fun, hands-on projects, while our computer skills curriculum covers essential topics like typing, internet safety, and basic software use.

The program enhances creativity, writing skills, and critical thinking, making storytelling fun and engaging. With personalized guidance and imaginative projects, kids will bring their stories to life like never before.

Generative AI for Beginners is a fun and ​engaging course designed for kids aged 8 ​to 13. Over one and a half months, ​children will explore the basics of ​Generative AI, learning to create stories, ​images, and games. The course includes ​interactive lessons and hands-on projects ​to boost creativity and problem-solving ​skills. Join us to unlock your child's tech ​future and let their imagination soar!

Nakita Dsouza


Meet the Creator

As the founder of Chronicles of Code for Kids, I bring my passion for education and technology to inspire the next generation. With a background in history and a transition to teaching coding and AI, I am dedicated to making learning fun, engaging, and accessible for children. My goal is to empower young minds to explore their creativity and develop essential skills for the future. Join me on this exciting journey of discovery and innovation!

Our Mission

  • Spark curiosity in technology and coding.

  • Encourage creativity and problem-solving.

  • Build confidence and resilience.

  • Foster collaboration and communication.

  • Ensure inclusive and affordable educational programs.

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